3 November 2020: Agnes Kaposi – “Yellow Star Red Star”

A message of welcome from
Sir Ben Helfgott, 
Life Patron of the Institute for Polish-Jewish Studies, and former Chairman


“The Institute for Polish-Jewish Studies has again organised an inspiring range of events to remind us of the rich legacy of Jewish life in Poland, and in Eastern Europe more generally. Lectures, book launches, workshops and the annual conference to launch the new volume of Polin. Studies in Polish Jewry bring the state of the art in this field to a London audience. I very much look forward to join these events, many of which will also be accessible from further afield by computer.”



3 Nov 2020, 6:30pm – with The Wiener Library and on Zoom:
Agnes Kaposi – “Yellow Star Red Star”. Last year’s postponed event returns, with Agnes Kaposi in conversation with our IPJS Chair, François Guesnet.

Agnes Kaposi, born in 1932 to a Hungarian-Jewish and socialist family, survived Debrecen ghetto and labour camps in Austria, and left Hungary for England after the 1956 uprising to work as an industrial and academic researcher in the Telecommunication and Computer industries. Agnes is a Churchill Fellow and the third woman elected as Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering.