Jewish Roots Workshop

Jewish Roots Workshop


September 1939, Gelvan, Lithuania

Workshop Materials



22 September 2019:

Click here to download Carol Elias’ book and article details

Click here to download The Szatkowskis of Lask, Piotrkov, Poland. Or “Udla, Udla, Udla!” by Leigh Dworkin, in Shemot April 2019, Vol. 27 No.1.

Click here to read about Dr Sima Beeri’s newly published book “Literarishe bleter and the Transformation of Yiddish”.

Dr Beeri spoke at our Sept. 2019 Workshop, about how – denied access to all documents about her parents ( among the 5% of Litvaks who survived WWII) – she knew nothing about their pre-war life, until a chance visit to the Yad VaShem archive in 2018 led to the surprising discovery of her long-lost family.