June 2018: Jewish Roots

The Institute for Polish-Jewish Studies (IPJS) is planning a Jewish Roots Workshop to take place at University College London in the first half of June 2018. If you have been to Eastern Europe, or researching your family roots in the region, and if you would be interested to give a talk about your experiences, this workshop will be a mutual learning experience for you. We will be joined by IPJS historians who specialize in the history of Jews in Eastern Europe, who will enrich our experiences, offer new insights and perhaps even inspire us to further developments.

If you have not been to Eastern Europe, this workshop is still for you, should you like to hear from those who have. Perhaps such a trip has been in the back of your mind. This workshop might encourage you to put your toe in the water, and see what happens. Or you might simply want to hear about what is going on in Eastern Europe now.

This is a first call to ask you to email us at jewishrootsworkshopipjs@gmail.com, if this describes you and you think you might like to attend or participate! Don’t worry – there is no obligation. If you do get in touch, please tell us briefly where you’ve been and what you’ve done – or where your Eastern European roots lie.

Please feel free to share this message with others whom you think might be interested.

Further information on this workshop will be available from early December at our website under the “Events” tab.

Hoping to hear from you!

Susan Storring,

IPJS Joint Conference Secretary