IPJS Events Calendar

  • 25 October 2017: The Vilna Committee 1939.
    This Committee was set up to gather material (evidence) about the destruction of Polish Jewry, by a group 60 Jewish writers and journalists who had fled Warsaw, Poland, for the safety of Vilna when the Germans attacked. In partnership with the IPJS, Miriam Schulz, who has written a book about this hitherto unknown Committee, will give an illustrated talk on this Committee at the Wiener Library, where the documents were discovered. Tickets from Eventbrite here: VilneKomitet
  • 29 Nov. (evening) and 30 November, 2017: 7th Annual Litvak Days.
    This year’s 7th Annual Litvak Days is dedicated to celebrating and exploring the influence of Lithuanian Jews (and their diaspora) on the arts throughout the world: painting and sculpture, as well as music, photography, prose and poetry, theatre and architecture. Lithuanian Jewry, in many respects, made extraordinary contributions to a plethora of diverse fields of creative endeavour. Further information and tickets available in the autumn.
  • 7 December 2017: “A Hero for Our Times: Alina Margolis-Edelman, Holocaust survivor and pioneer of humanitarianism.” This film will be followed by a discussion with film’s creator and IPJS historians. Venue: JW3. Further information and tickets available in the autumn from Eventbrite. The IPJS gratefully acknowledges support for this event through the Polish Cultural Institute, London
  • 16 Jan. 2018: Launch of POLIN Vol. 30, “Jewish Education in Eastern Europe” at Polish Embassy. Further information and tickets will be available in the autumn. The IPJS gratefully acknowledges support for this event through the Polish Cultural Institute, London.
  • June 2018: Jewish Roots Workshop. This workshop, to take place at University College London in the first half of June 2018, is designed as a mutual learning experience for those who have travelled to Eastern Europe in search of their Jewish roots, and for those who haven’t, but who would like to hear what could happen if you do. We will be joined by IPJS historians who specialize in the history of Jews in Eastern Europe, who will enrich our understanding, offer new insights and perhaps even inspire us to further developments.

This is a first call to ask you to email us at jewishrootsworkshopipjs@gmail.com, if this describes you and you think you might like to attend or participate!