Identifying, Narrating, Regulating, Covering, Healing the Jewish Body: (Eastern) Ashkenas in the Early Modern Period

Tuesday, 25 April 2017 

In collaboration with the UCL Department for Hebrew and Jewish Studies and the UCL Institute for Advanced Studies


Over the past decades, a variety of disciplines have identi ed the human body as the site of complex, entangled discourses of belonging and not-belonging, health and illness, familiar and alien, in need of regulation or absolution. In this workshop, scholars will present their research on the human body as invested with meaning and as the object of practices, looking at the case of the Jewish body in Ashkenas, ie. roughly the German territories and Eastern Europe, with contributions from the history of medicine and of knowledge; literary studies; cultural and gender studies.

Speakers: Conny Aust (Mainz); François Guesnet (London); Magdaléna Jánošíková (London); Anna Novikov (Cologne); Iris Idelson-Shein (Frankfurt am Main); Marek Tuszewicki (Kraków).

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University College London

Photograph: F.L. de la Fontaine, Chirurgisch-Medicinische Abhandlungen verschiedenen Inhalts Polen betreffend (Breslau, Leipzig 1792), Fig. III (detail).

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